John Deere 8850 Repower

When John Deere discontinuted support of their V-8 Diesel, the JD8850 suffered. Parts such as the crankshaft were no longer available.  In the past, Kinze provided an alternative to the pricey rebuilding of the V-8, but they too have abandoned those loyal to this vintage piece. 

Having two JD 8850’s on the farm we have an appreciation for the comfort of the tractor and the economics of repowering it as opposed to seeing it parted out for scrap iron. 

We developed a sub-frame assembly with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, enabling you to replace the V-8 block and axle support casting as the main load bearing member of the tractor frame with the sub-frame. You can then choose to proceed on your own to mount an engine, typically taken from an over the road tractor, into the sub-frame or we can assist with the rest of the work needed as well.  Below is an overview of the tractor and what we have to offer. 

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Overview/Specifications for John Deere 8850 Repower:

  • Stock JD 8850
    -  37,480 to 37,700 lbs  133” wheelbase
    -  V8 Diesel  955 in3     370 hp   5.51” bore x 5.00” stroke
    -  Engine block direct coupled to clutch housing & integral to tractor frame – main load bearing member
    - Easy Riding Tractor
    -  oscillating front axle/rigid rear axle…  cab/operator follow motion of rear axle
    -  lower elevation of operator station…  reduced side to side rocking motion on rough terrain
    -  4WD Comparison…Tractors w/ 855 Cummins    5.50” bore x 6.00” stroke
                -  JD 8960
                   -  35,570 lbs  134”  wheelbase  
             -  JD 8970
                   -  33,655 lbs  143” wheelbase
             -  Case IH 9180
                   -  28,000 lbs  141.5”  wheelbase 375 hp
             -  Case IH 9280
                   -  29,000 lbs  141.5”  wheelbase  375 hp
             -  Case IH 9380
                   - 31,580 lbs   144”  wheelbase   400 hp

    -  Sub-Frame Assembly
    -  provides structural framework replacing V8 engine block as main load bearing support member
    -  replacement engine located forward & isolated on rubber mounts
    -  driveshaft assembly w/ Mechanics 8.5C drive disc & preloaded tapered roller bearing set
    -  utilizes original JD flywheel housing & wet clutch assembly
    - provides mounting of JD front framework/radiator support…  positioned 16” forward of original location
    -  Hydraulic Pump Drive
    -  belt drive – Gates Poly Chain  GT2
    -  1.43 drive ratio
    -  1470 engine rpm = 2100 pump rpm
    -  2100 engine rpm = 3000 pump rpm
    -  throttle back for fuel savings without sacrificing hydraulic capacity
    -  increased hydraulic capacity @ full throttle
    -  utilize stock JD hydraulic pump & drive components
    -  pump relocated in space created behind engine/above drive line
    -  Driveline Components
    -  components supplied by customer
    -  keep cost at minimum
    -  utilize local suppliers
    -  replacement engine
    -  engine of choice permitting common spares
    -  provide/install engine
    -  fabricate support brackets for utilization of mounts included with engine
    -  take advantage of increased torque/hp – throttle back for fuel savings
    -  flywheel damper coupling
    -  purchased from local Case IH dealer
    -  8.5C yoke/slide/u-joint assembly
    -  purchase from local supplier
    -  JD Flywheel
    -  balancing required…  stock flywheel utilized to balance V8 engine
    -  Fan Assembly
    -  utilize fan assembly included with engine
    -  option - Fan to Damper Mounting Adapter
    -  mount fan to damper – direct drive off crankshaft – no belts required
    -  minimal space requirements
    -  available from CEE


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